• You want to become an entrepreneur and you need an idea?
  • You want to start a business with minimum risk?
  • Need help to start?

At the moment we offer a range of existing franchises waiting for you to make them happen in your own surrounding. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to present new projects to you and help you to chose the one that is right for you.

Current business activities include trade, food & beverage and specialized construction work. Initial requirements seize from 1.000 to 50.000 Euros according to your preferences and possibilities.

Few of currently available franchise

Surf 'n' fries - Fast food restaurant

  • Croatian concept
  • Very innovative service
  • Currently 6 operating locations (soon 10)
  • Estimated investment approximately 50.000 EUR per location
  • About 50m2 is the minimal space required / busy location

Good Food - Fast food

  • Croatian concept
  • Very innovative service
  • Currently 2 operating locations (soon 10)
  • Estimated investment approximately 65 - 80k EUR per location
  • About 60 - 100 m2 is the optimal space required / busy location

Experience parfumes - High quality parfumes made in Croatia

  • 25% of the essence (standard "brand-name" products have up to 18%
  • Replicas of world famous parfumes but under unique brand
  • Franchise available for whole countries or smaller regions
  • Franchisee runs all operations in the franchise region
  • 3 sales channels kiosks/stands in busy locations; wholesale; direct sale
  • Attractive pricing; low operating costs
  • Possible associating with other complementary business activity

Atmosfer&co - Commercial space aromatizing & scent branding

  • Atmosfer&Co is a brand of Sequoia Project company
  • Innovative product/service
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Creativity
  • Moderate investment
  • Franchise for sale for JIE Europe countries
  • New and attractive product
  • Sale oriented franchise
  • Currently unavailable

Magic market - Leading Sex shop in Croatia

  • New generation of Sex-shop
  • Strong brand
  • Effective business system and high quality suppliers
  • Wide range of products continuously expanding
  • Established concept of fast delivery in Zagreb
  • Web shop
  • Flexibility
  • Moderate investment
  • Available for regions or individual stores

FLY!bar - Lifestyle Cafe bar / Club

  • Experience in brand creation
  • "know-how" in marketing, promotion and business processes
  • Innovate programs
  • Available for bigger cities
  • Currently unavailable

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