Sequoia Project is a consulting & project-based company with a variety of services and tailored business solutions for "start-up", small and medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to create a wealth of ideas and possibilities through which our clients can fully achieve their full potential. We can help existing entrepreneurs to improve profitability and enhance operational quality of their business in today's rapidly changing environment, and provide them with opportunities to diversify through investing in new projects. The scope of our services includes finance, management, marketing and sales. We also provide accounting and legal services to our clients, in cooperation with our partners.

In creating a new project we provide services that range from developing an idea, through operational process, all the way to the first working day of the new business. Each project is treated individually and the solution is tailor-made to fit each client's needs. We can also help clients who have a great idea but lack the capital to enable their idea come to life. Our goal is to establish for our clients a network of partners to create a long-term relationship with all the necessary services that small and medium-sized enterprise might need. We would also strive to create and highlight a variety of investment opportunities for our partners at all times.

You dream of success? Your success is our goal!

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