Our partner company FIDESTUM ltd. provides accounting services for more than 20 years and we have a large number of satisfied clients and partners behind us. Outsourced accounting gives you many advantages in optimizing your business. Above all that means highest quality of services because we have top knowledge and experience in various fields of business and along that we improve our competence through numerous seminars, educational programs and projects that we take part in. You are left with more time to concentrate on your key business activities and areas of competence. We provide a variety of accounting services for small and medium enterprises employing from 1 to 100 people.

It's important to say that we come to your location to collect all the documents and to solve eventual business problems and given assignments. Beside that we are at your service through e-mail and telephone 24/7. We provide the complete service ranging from implementing accounting policies to creating financial statements. You can choose between complete and partial service (i.e. payroll management) according to your needs.

We put a strong accent on quality of services and securing conditions for safe and efficient business process for our clients in non-stop changing markets that surround us. It is our mission to provide you with accurate and complete information in order for you to make positive business decisions. Our proactive approach and knowledge will save your time and money.

Let us be your reliable associate.

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