Financial management

a) Business planning & analysis
Sequoia Project helps you to plan all aspects of your business and to progress with greater profitability and efficiency. Solid financial planning will help you to better understand and manage challenges which your business is likely to face in times of market expansion as well as in times of recession. We can help ensure that your way forward is both without surprises and secure. We can help you make the most of opportunities and avoid or manage risks along the way.
b) Capital budgeting
This part of our offering includes a clearly defined process for decision-making about long term investments in business assets of a company. It represents a clear measure of efficiency for long-term investments.
c) Cost management
Sequoia project will ensure that your company's operational cost structure is more competitive to that of your competitors. Many cost-optimizing opportunities exist, but the key challenge is determination to implement them. This is where Sequoia Project can help. Cost-cutting or optimization is often wrongly perceived as being directly linked to a fall in quality, but this is not the case. In reality, effective cost management will push your business to a higher level.
d) Cash flow management
"Cash is king" - You are probably familiar with this rule and we can help you to actually implement it in your everyday business. Sequoia Project will help you to maximize control over your liquid assets and match your incomings with your outgoings. This will give you security and foresight over your business' cash flow.
e) Communication, negotiation and representation
You are facing upcoming negotiations with financial institutions and business partners and you want to be sure of a positive outcome? We are ready to help you ensure that you will emerge as the winner, either in partnership with you or autonomously. Let our knowledge and expertise accompany you every step of the way. We can provide this service on a continuous or case-by-case basis.

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