Project development & management

  • Do you have an original business idea but are unsure how to make it happen?
  • We search for and create new projects which we want to transform into real business ventures.
  • We help entrepreneurs who have new technological solutions or original ideas and don't know how to put them work, or just need a partner in that process.
  • Sequoia Project will take care of all the operational logistics of your investment.

We create and develop projects on behalf of investors, while also looking for new investors for our own projects and projects of other entrepreneurs who have a quality business idea.

As part of project development our services include: business planning, management services, human resources, accounting services, legal services, as well as help in securing the necessary funding. The latter includes negotiating with investors and financial institutions about co-ownership, as well as loans, leasing, insurance and other financial products. On select projects we may also consider being involved in everyday operations and/or investing our own funds.

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